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Hiking Etiquette

 1. Boil, filter or treat all water before drinking it as parasites may be contained in the water
 2. Dogs should aways be on a leash
 3. Check trail conditions & weather and make sure you are familiar with the route before heading out
 4. Make sure you have a park pass, and fishing permit if you need one
 5. Always carry water and enough food to last, plus some spare
 6. Carry bear spray
 7. Pack all your garbage back out with you!
 8. Do not pick wild flowers or take any natural objects such as fossils
 9. Do not feed the wildlife. Never approach or feed a bear. Keep a distance of at least 100 metres
 10. Report all sightings of bears to park staff
 11. Always hike with a buddy and tell a third party where you are going and when you plan to return.

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